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EBS migration interview and RTM


About This Video

What better topic to talk about since EBS has hit RTM today than migration? I met with EBS program manager Bjorn Levidow again who tells us all about what combinations can be done with the migration and some caveats you should think about when migrating.

  • [4:02] EBS migration similar to a kitchen remodel
  • [5:09] Hotfix to extend the migration timeline to 21 days
  • [6:44] Guidelines on when you might consider migrating from SBS to EBS
  • [8:02] Some of the most difficult aspects to migration
  • [9:58] Tips on migration of standalone environment to EBS
  • [11:20] Why you might want to migrate to EBS with up to 30 standalone servers in your environment
  • [12:48] When you know it is time to migrate away from EBS to standalone / full product
  • [13:55] What the transition from EBS to standalone is like
  • [14:35] What you can't do with EBS - i.e. "big no-no's"
  • [15:48] What happens when you hit the 300 client/user limit

Download EBS Getting Started Guide

Download  SBS 2003 to EBS migration guide


Published Date: September 15, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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