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SBS 2008 remote access demo and interview


About This Video

Magesh Narayanan, program manager for SBS, gives us a detailed list of the new remote web workplace (RWW) features in SBS 2008 since SBS 2003 and tells us the design goals they had with remote access for this release.  At [4:30] Magesh gives us a demo of SBS RWW, including:

  • SBS remote access gadget
  • Connect to a computer (Remote desktop over Terminal Server Gateway – RDP over TSG) & how computers show up in the connection list
  • Configuration options for the RWW console
  • Internal company website

[11:07] Magesh tells us when you would need to utilize a VPN outside of the built-in RWW features.

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Published Date: November 12, 2008
Presented By: David Tesar



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