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Be ready for Windows 7: Application Compatibility


About This Video

We got Jay Paloma, Deployment Technical Specialist from the Singapore Office to tell people how they can be ready for Windows 7.

The key is, if you are ready for Vista, you will be ready for Windows 7.

Jay shows us how to use a free tool called Application Compatiblity Toolkit, and use it to help us manage AppCompat.

Remember, if your application can run in Vista, it can run in Windows 7. 

00:20 - Why is AppCompat Testing Important02:27 - Where to Obtain the tools listed here

03:01 - DEMO Introduction03:56 - Demo a Stock Viewer Application that is not compatibility in Vista

05:45 - Standard User Analyzer to remediate Stock View Application

09:50 - Application Compatibility Administrator to create remediation package

14:35 - Applying the Remediation using a .SDB package with sdbinst.exe command

16:05 - Results of applying the .SDB Package

16:45 - Where at the .SDBs after its been applied?

17:34 - How the same application and remediation package behaves in Windows 7

20:33 - Additional links
Document for Using StockViewer Demo with AppCompat

Get StockViewer Application

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Published Date: July 27, 2009
Presented By: Dennis Chung




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