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Using the Claims-based Identity Platform to Convey Trust Across Boundaries - LWSD


About This Video

As an extension to Scott Charney’s keynote presentation at RSA 2009, this session will show how Trust that is created in the real world via In-Person Proofing events can be leveraged to create digital identities and enable safer online transactions. It describes how one of the leading school districts in the US (Lake Washington School District) is using Microsoft’s claims-based platform to simplify the deployment of educational resources and reduce management costs.  The example is relevant beyond the educational sector and in many diverse enterprise contexts such as authorization and procurement. It is an invitation to developers—in education and elsewhere—to build claims-aware applications that span across identity boundaries.

Ariel Gordon
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

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Published Date: April 24, 2009
Presented By: Trustworthy Computing




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