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Windows 7 Performance - yeah, it´s faster.


About This Video
Bill Karagounis is always going, going, going.  It only makes sense, then, that he's the Principal Group Program Manager looking after performance in Windows, both client and server.
I sat down with Bill on what turned out to be the day we finalized the Windows 7 Release Candidate to talk about the performance improvements.  He had a lot to talk about.  He talked about some of the performance mantras in the Windows 7 design, things like "Ready and Responsive" and "User in Control."
Bill talked about the memory footprint in Win7 - this is the first time we've shipped an OS with a smaller footprint than its predecessor.  He spent months fighting with groups about 2k of memory.
He talked about the Beta, and the wealth of telemetry data we were able to capture, to identify places we needed to improve performance even more.
Fascinating stuff, all the way around.


Published Date: June 05, 2009
Presented By: Adam Bomb




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