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IT Manager Community Chat with Kevin Remde: Deploying Internet Explorer 8


About This Video
Discover the top five reasons why organizations are deploying Windows Internet Explorer 8 Web browser software. In this webcast, Kevin Remde, a senior IT pro Evangelist at Microsoft, and David Tesar, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, delve deeper into the top five reasons to deploy Internet Explorer 8. Tune in to learn about productivity, security, management, ease of migration and deployment aspects of Internet Explorer 8.
Duration: 39:43
[ 3:10 ] IE8 and Security
[ 18:06 ]  Migrating to IE8 - What you should know
[ 22:50 ]  New Features in IE8 that Benefit your Business

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Published Date: February 23, 2010
Presented By: Evren Toktas



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