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Hyper-V Server – How to setup a High Availability Cluster with just one copy of Windows Server 2008


About This Video
My goal is to show how someone can put together a low cost Hyper-V solution. 
I setup a demo domain named Demo.local.  This hosts my one Domain controller named DemoDC.  It’s my AD and DNS server, and I also use it to remotely manage my Hyper-V Servers.  I’m using static IP addresses just so I could make my life easier.  You can also use DHCP, that’s what I typically use, but I opted for Static IPs so I could put this setup on my same network with everything else.

I have two servers running the Microsoft Hyper-V Server, you can download your free copy here.  I will walk through the setup of these servers over the next two screen casts.  The first one will start with setting up the Hyper-V server.  I’m assuming that you’ve already downloaded the ISO, burned it to a DVD and installed it on your servers.  I will start with the initial configuration and go from there.
I hope this information is helpful, if you have any questions, please let me know.

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Published Date: February 08, 2010
Presented By: Rob Waggoner



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