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Part 5 - So you want to get started with Hyper-V? Start here!


About This Video
Setting up a Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Cluster

I spent some time in one of our Microsoft Technology Centers and was able to setup a Hyper-V cluster on some pretty impressive hardware.  I had access to a Domain Controller and three servers that were running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.  They are as follows:

3 Dell R900’s

Quad CPU (each CPU is a quad core)

Two of them had 64 GB of RAM, the third one had 128 GB of RAM.  Is that Cool or What??

Access to 1 TB of disk space on an Equalogic SAN carved up into 5 separate LUNs

I spent the whole day with one of our partners doing a deep dive into Hyper-V, clusters and High Availability. 

Here’s the Hyper-V Step-by-Step guide that will walk you through setting up your Hyper-V cluster:

Here is the checklist on Setting up a Hyper-V Cluster:


Published Date: February 14, 2010
Presented By: Rob Waggoner



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