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Part 12 - SCVMM Templates


About This Video

As you’ve read, I’ve been using SCVMM for a while and I still learn new things about it.  I mentioned templates in my first screen cast and told you that I would talk more about them, so here they are.  Templates let you create a standard virtual machine image and store it in your SCVMM library.  The cool part about the template is that during the template process, the virtual machine is sysprepped so it’s ready to quickly be deployed to your environment.  I’ve created a short screen cast to walk through the process.  I start with my standard image, including my anti-virus and other server customizations, I then ensure the machine is fully patched from Windows Update, and then I start the template process.  Once I have the template created, I then walk through deploying a new virtual machine based upon the template.




Published Date: February 20, 2010
Presented By: Rob Waggoner




Video: WMV | MP4