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HPC Server 2008 webcast 

Posted By:  Giovanni Marchetti 
Publish Date: 1/22/2008

My introductory demo / webcast on HPC Server 2008 beta 1 has been recorded. It can now be viewed here.

I have received feedback from several people about it, requesting instructions to build the virtual machines I used and to repeat the demos. Hence, I have written a short document that will guide you through the set-up of a virtual HPC Server 2008 cluster on Hyper-V. It also provides you with some examples of what is possible with the new administration, diagnostic and scheduling tools. It is intended as a hands-on introduction to the salient features of HPC Server 2008 beta 1. It is not an official click-by-click manual and it must be considered work in progress. I will update it when beta 2 is released to cover new or changed features. No warranty is implied nor support promised. You try at your own risk ☺

The document is now available on;