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Turning a Mac Mini into a virtual Windows HPC cluster. 1 of 4


About This Video

I am going prepare a Mac Mini in such a way that you will be able to install a Windows HPC cluster in virtual machines based on Hyper-V. Once you followed the steps outlined in the videos you will be able to install a fully functional HPC cluster environment, literally a cluster-in-one-box.

The video series will not show how to install the HPC nodes. Giovanni has posted an excellent document describing how to do that. I just focus in these 4 videos on building a nice virtual host for HPC clusters.

This first video shows the reinstallation of the Mac OS. 
I had to reinstall the Mac OS due to the fact that I screwed up the original installation the system shipped with. I did so much disk partitioning and repartitioning that the volume was in serious conditions and required reinstall. I also wanted to keep a minimal Mac OS installation on the hard drive. Just in case.

Check out my blog post if you are looking for more details.  


Published Date: March 26, 2008
Presented By: Volker Will




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