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Edge at MMS! 

Posted By:  Adam Bomb 
Publish Date: 4/22/2008

hey - I just wanted to give you a heads up that Joey and I will be at MMS next week, covering the conference here on Edge.  We'll have coverage starting Monday with recaps and demos of the announcements that are coming at the show.

I have to tell you, I got to see some of the stuff we'll be showing off at the conference, and I was blown away by it.  Not moved to tears Scoble style, but bouncing on my feet excited about what we're doing.  Keep checking back on Edge next week to see what's new, and leave us a comment here if there's something you'd like us to find out about for you while we're there.

And if you're attending the conference, and you spot a couple of overly-enthusiastic guys wearing Edge t-shirts and carrying cameras, come say hi!