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Feature of the Week:  Announcing Web Application Installer (Beta) 

Posted By:  Joey Snow
Publish Date: 10/15/2008

ITPro - Feature of the Week

Hey it’s me again. Back with more IIS 7 goodness. It’s hard not to talk about all of this IIS stuff with the WebPI tool I featured last week as well as all of the really cool IIS extensions. This week I give you a look at another brand new tool. Have you been wanting to run some of the more popular community PHP and .NET web applications on Windows Server? Don’t know where to start? Do you want to make sure you have everything you need? Today we announce:

Web Application Installer (Beta)

Who’s it for? IT Professionals, Website Administrators, and Website Developers.


When does it ship? Web Application Installer (Web AI) is currently released in Beta form.


What does it do? It’s a single tool that helps you gets you easy access to popular community PHP and .NET web applications such as:

· Wordpress

· Graffiti

· DotNetNuke

· Drupal

· osCommerce


Web AI does all of the work such as checking your computer for the required prerequisites, configuring IIS7, downloading applications for their source locations in the community, and installing the application. I was shown one example where Wordpress was deployed by simply launching the Web AI installer, selecting Wordpress from the list of applications and telling the installer your credentials as well as what type of website that should be installed.

Sounds cool, but what version of Windows does it run on?Web AI runs on Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1.

Do I have to use IIS? Can I run it on Apache?Web AI relies on IIS extensions so no. You need to run IIS 7.

If I don’t have IIS7 or a database on my system will it install it for me?The Web AI applications require IIS 7 and a database to work. If you have access to a remote SQL Server database or even a MySQL database, the installer can install the applications on one machine and create the required databases on another.

What if I don’t have PHP installed?Web AI will run a prerequisite check to ensure your system is ready to support the community applications. If it determines you are missing PHP Web AI will show you where to go get it.


Does it require special permissions to run?It should be noted that you do need to have Administrator permissions on the computer you are running the Web Application Installer on. Keep that in mind if you are running in a hosted environment. Shared hosting deployment support is planned for future releases.


It’s a Beta?Yes. Currently this is the first beta release of Web AI, You can stay up to date with the latest product releases and new additions at the Microsoft Web Platformsite.

Where can I get more information?


Microsoft’s Web Platform Site forums on Web AI

Web AI Readme file