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20-Part Webcast Series on Microsoft Virtualization Solutions 

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Publish Date: 1/20/2009

Our team of IT Pro Evangelistsincluding: Kevin Remde Matt Hester Chris Avis Chris Henley, and Yung Chou is getting ready to start delivering a 20-part webcast series on Microsoft Virtualization Solutions on January 14, 2009. The objectives of this series are not only to help you develop technical depth on various Microsoft virtualization solutions with level 300 sessions, but to appreciate the essentials of a typical virtualization project in a real world implementation. 

The following is a list of the sessions with links to the event registration pages. What a great opportunity to get yourself well informed on the trends, the technologies, the solutions, and how to get your IT environment strategically aligned and integrated with virtualization. At same time, if you need to develop a business case for proposing your virtualization project, reference the virtualization ROI tool to realize the business values. To help you accelerating your deployment of Microsoft virtualization technologies, there are developed methodology and readily available tools in Microsoft Virtualization Solution Accelerators. And a free eBook, Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions, by Mitch Tulloch is also available and highly recommended. The download informaiton is here.

Session List

  2. 01/14/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization in a Nutshell
  4. 01/16/2009, TechNet Webcast: Selecting the Right Candidates for Virtualization
  6. 01/21/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualizing Test and Development Environments for a Quick Return on Investment
  8. 01/23/2009, TechNet Webcast: Managing the Virtualized Test and Development Environment
  10. 01/28/2009, TechNet Webcast: If I Virtualize It, How Do I Manage It?
  12. 01/29/2009, TechNet Webcast: Consolidation and Rapid Provisioning
  14. 02/04/2009, TechNet Webcast: Building on Your Existing Virtual Environment
  16. 02/06/2009,  TechNet Webcast: Virtualization Solutions for High Availability
  18. 02/11/2009, TechNet Webcast: Client-Side Virtualization
  20. 02/13/2009, TechNet Webcast: Using Presentation Virtualization
  22. 02/18/2009, TechNet Webcast: Scaling Terminal Services Out (1/2)
  24. 02/20/2009, TechNet Webcast: Scaling Terminal Services Out (2/2)
  26. 02/25/2009, TechNet Webcast: Running Legacy Applications with Virtualization (1/2)
  28. 02/27/2009, TechNet Webcast: Running Legacy Applications with Virtualization (2/2)
  30. 03/26/2009, TechNet Webcast: Creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  32. 03/06/2009, TechNet Webcast: Securing the Virtual Environments
  34. 03/11/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization with Centralized, Policy-Based Management
  36. 03/13/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization Solutions in Branch Offices
  38. 03/20/2009, TechNet Webcast: Road Map for the Future of Virtualization
  40. 03/24/2009, TechNet Webcast: Managing Virtual Solutions

Regardless your role and responsibilities, session 1 TechNet Webcast: Virtualization in a Nutshell on 01/14/2009 is the one you absolutely do not want to miss. This session gives you an overview of all Microsoft virtualization solutions, so you get the big picture and know the context of a solution. You will know “Why virtualize?” and “Why Microsoft?” This session is to advance and facilitate your understanding on virtualization in general, and help you recognizing a virtualization opportunity when it presents itself.

Above all, register early, join us, and take this opportunity to ramp up your skill set with virtualization. We look forward to meeting you all in the air.