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The perfect companion to Windows 7 

Posted By:  Joey Snow 
Publish Date: 10/22/2009

It’s October 22nd and Windows 7 is officially available to purchase!  If you are an IT Professional you may be wondering how do I get the most out of Windows 7?  Well the answer to that is to pair it along with Windows Server 2008 R2.  Available now Windows Server 2008 R2 is the next generation of the Windows Server product built on the foundation of Windows Server 2008 adding key light up features when paired with Windows 7.

Let’s start for those of you with branch offices.  Are you challenged by slow and expensive WAN links?  Do your users suffer productivity losses because of the delay in retrieving information from your main data center?  Branch Cache functionality in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 increases network responsiveness of applications when accessed from remote offices, giving your users a Local LAN experience.  To learn more have a look at our two part ( part 1 part 2)webcast series where Kevin Remde walks you through Installation and Configuration of this feature.


Another great “better together” feature is DirectAccess.  This feature gives users the experience of being seamlessly connected to the corporate network any time that they have Internet access.  Not only that but you as IT Professionals also have access to the machine to allow you to manage it as if it were right on the corporate network even if the machine is connected to the internet on an airplane at 22,000 feet.  Corey Hynes describes DirectAccess in a simple manner here.


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