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Deploying Silverlight - Why and How 

Posted By:  Evren Toktas 
Publish Date: 12/21/2009

Deploying Silverlight—why and how


More and more applications and sites are deploying Silverlight, with use jumping from 33% to 45% since July ’09. Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework that integrates multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single, runtime environment. It provides .NET–based media experiences and rich, interactive applications for Internet browsers. Silverlight compliments other Microsoft products such as ASP.NET, Windows Server and Windows Media® to deliver cross- browser, cross-platform, interactive web application experiences. Its architecture is consistent with Web 2.0 paradigms, and it enables enterprise web developers to extend their skills and deliver better experiences.


  • Why should I get ahead of the curve and start taking advantage of Silverlight? Here are the capabilities. Highest quality and fastest web experiences – keep users engaged with animation, HD video, vector and 3D graphics. Plus, multi-thread support uses the full power of multi-core machines.
  • Go out of browser – Run applications seamlessly without connectivity.
  • Works with what you have – Silverlight helps you take existing sites to the next level. Integrating with existing Web technologies and assets such as ASP.NET and SharePoint® services is simple.
  • Access to millions of skilled developers – Tap into the talent pool of 6 million .NET developers.
  • Compatibility with Silverlight-enabled websites
  • Lower media delivery costs - Leveraging existing HTTP infrastructure and improving delivery over proprietary, streaming servers.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux – works across every major OS and all major browsers including IE, Firefox and Safari.
  • It’s all there – networking, web services, LINQ, generics, threading, dynamic languages.


For more information on Silverlight, please visit:

You can download the Silverlight Deployment Guide v2 to learn more about Silverlight deployment options

Finally, you can learn more about Silverlight configuration options via Group Policy Settings here: