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Two Top Resources for IT Pros from Microsoft 

Posted By:  Heidi Crawford 
Publish Date: 4/5/2010

Many are familiar with TechNet, Microsoft’s site for IT Professionals. What you may not know is that we re-launched TechNet as TechNet 2.0 globally and the re-designed site was well-received. Also, we think that IT Pros in the UK have an exciting, new resource for their work. They now have two ways to find answers to questions about Microsoft technology: TechNet 2.0 and the IT Pro Guide.

I hope you find that the IT Pro Guide is refreshing. It has a radically simple interface, streamlined to address these three, key needs:

·         I want to discover leading technologies.

·         I’d like to explore complete solutions.

·         I need to find product information.

Once you access the site it guides you to the most appropriate information, and provides just 3 resources per solution. Not only that, it provides an opportunity to hear from MVPs and Microsoft product experts in the Community Buzz appearing on many pages.

While IT Pro Guide is centered on IT Pros’ needs in the UK, should the community provide positive feedback, Microsoft may broaden its scope. If you’re wishing for a site like this in your corner of the globe, or have other ideas for the site, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of an IT Pro Guide page, and then mention IT Pro Guide using the Feedback link at the bottom of that page.

Then there is TechNet 2.0! With its new home page design and layout it doesn’t just look good, it is designed to be faster for you to use. We reduced page weights for faster surfing. There is a new, “ScriptFree” option in the upper right corner of the TechNet Library for very fast content load time, and we reduced page load time so that you could get to information more quickly. In the US, page load time is down by 14%.  

TechNet 2.0 is your destination for How To content. You’ll also find a new TechNet Wiki, and you’ll see that we consolidated several TechNet centers to better centralize information. 

I hope you’ll take a look at TechNet 2.0 and IT Pro Guide. Also, you can find the sample of Community Buzz I show above on IT Pro Guide.