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Thrive Live! Migrating from IE6 to IE8 (Part 2 of 2)


About This Video

You are probably excited about the new Windows 7 operating system, and the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Web browser comes as part of the package. You may have seen the demos of new features and tools that are available, but you are still using Internet Explorer 6. The demos are always simplified, and you see pages with a single issue conveniently fixed using a click of a button. But it is definitely not that easy. You could have thousands of apps, many of them packaged, or you could be prevented from accessing the code because it is part of a product you bought.
Attend this demonstration-heavy webcast and learn through case studies what IT professionals do to configure, manage, deploy, and ensure the compatibility of their Web applications with Internet Explorer 8.

Duration: 27 minutes

[ 0:14 ] Case Study: Browser runs  with restricted privileges[ 7:13 ] Case Study: The IE6 Look-Alike
[ 15:58 ] Case Study: Empowering the Standard User


Download the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010

Download WAIK for Windows 7

Windows 7 Deployment Guide


Published Date: April 28, 2010
Presented By: Annie Mao



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