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TechNet Radio: Windows Azure: A Non-Microsoft Perspective 

Posted By:  Chris Caldwell 
Publish Date: 5/6/2010

Mel Beckman, an open source guru famous for saying, “I don’t do Windows,” talks with Karen Forster about why he is finding Windows Azure to be an excellent platform for distance learning and developing on PHP. Windows Azure's scalability makes it well suited for online, interactive user access, where workloads can vary dramatically with the time of day.

A good example of this application is distance learning, where it can be challenging to host compute-intensive, online courseware locally, while still delivering performance needed for effective instruction. Educators are experts on course content using popular, open source tools like Moodle, but not necessarily proficient at building scalable, network infrastructures for multi-user web applications. Mel Beckman, senior technical editor for Penton Media's technology group, and a specialist in secondary school educational networks, discusses Windows Azure in the context of distance learning with Karen Forster, Vice President of Platform Vision (  

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Total Duration: 0:20:53
[ 1:47 ]
 Windows Azure and Open Source?
[ 12:50 ] Cloud Computing and Security
[ 17:35 ]  How does Cloud Computing impact Distance Learning?

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