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Cloud Security Panel Interview at TechEd NA 2010


About This Video

Mark Russinovich, Andy Malone, and Patrick Hevesi give us insight into the cloud security space at TechEd North America with Ch9 Live. We dig into quite a few areas such as:

  • What are some of the tradeoffs with security in regards to the different type of cloud offerings?
  • What are the biggest concerns in regards to security with moving to the cloud?
  • Can you trust the data security boundaries with cloud technologies like Windows Azure?
  • What are some tools to help with having visibility into security in the cloud?
  • What are some areas where we need improvements in the cloud security space?
  • What are some things which are strong or weak with security forensics in the cloud?
  • Use of Bitlocker and data encryption in the cloud datacenter space?


Published Date: July 16, 2010
Presented By: David Tesar



Video: WMV | MP4