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The PowerShell management module for Hyper-V


About This Video

Hyper-V does not include command line management tools “in the box”, yet it provides a set of WMI interfaces which allow developers to write their own management tools. PowerShell provides a great environment for implementing command line tools and interacting with WMI. A PowerShell module is available to  download from Codeplex, providing over 100 commands to manage Virtual Machines, Virtual Hard Disks, Hyper-V hosts and Clustering.

This video is a guide to the module showing all the main features. 

Running order
00:00-01:20 Installing the module
01:20-04:42 Basic commands      
04:42-06:55 Clustering & Live migration
06:55-09:15 Creating a highly available VM
09:15-11:00 Using the menu front end
11:00-15:00 PowerShell remoting. 

There is some video overrun at the end


Published Date: February 01, 2010
Presented By: James O'Neill



Video: WMV | MP4