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Edge Live at TechEd North America


About This Video

This video may or may not be a re-enactment of an actual conversation that took place this week.  My boss reads these, so I'm admitting nothing...
We will be broadcasting live this year from TechEd in New Orleans. You'll have the opportunity to participate in the interviews and ask questions via twitter for us to answer on the air - send those questions to @ch9live.
The broadcast will be hosted on, and here's what the lineup looks like:
(All times Central Daylight Time - as we'll be in New Orleans)

Monday June 7th 2010
9:00AM - 10:30AM: Tech.Ed Day 1 Keynote
10:30AM - 5:00PM: Channel 9 Live Day 1 Coverage

Tuesday June 8th 2010
9:45AM - 11:15AM: Tech.Ed Day 2 Business Intelligence Keynote
11:15AM - 5:00PM: Channel 9 Live Day 2 Coverage


Full Schedule (Subject to change)

Day 1: June 7th 2010
(All times Central Daylight Time)

10:30 AM: Keynote After Party. Join Charles Torre, Adam Carter and David Tesar as they answer your questions and recap the Tech.Ed Keynote.

11:00 AM: Talking Windows Server. Ward Ralston and Justin Graham with Adam Carter

11:30 AM: Cloud Cover Live! David Aiken and Ryan Dunn plus Special Guests

12:00 PM: Office & Unified Communications in 2010+. Jamie Stark and John Durant with David Tesar

12:30 PM - 1:30PM: Lunch Break - Go Grab a Sandwich

1:30 PM: Tony Scott, Microsoft's Chief Information Officer with David Tesar

2:00 PM: Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President Visual Studio with Dan Fernandez

2:30 PM: SQL Server; Beyond Rational Data. Michael Rys with Charles Torre  

3:00 PM: Ask Mark Minasi Anything.... Live! with Joey Snow

3:30 PM: [Secret Session]

4:00 PM: WM_IN Panel. Kate Gregory, Karen Forster, Lisa Feigenbaum and Jennifer Ritzinger discuss women in technology

4:30 PM: The Regional Director Day 1 Wrap Up with Tim Huckaby and friends


Day 2: June 8th 2010
(All times Central Daylight Time)

11:15 AM: Deployment Panel. Chris Jackson, Jeremy Chapman and Rhonda Layfield with Adam Carter

12:00 PM: Developing for Windows Phone 7. Brandon Watson with Dan Fernandez

12:30 PM - 1:30PM: Lunch Break - Go Grab a Sandwich

1:30 PM: Bob Muglia, President Server & Tools with Adam Carter

2:00 PM: Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President Windows Server with Joey Snow

2:30 PM: Ask Mark Russinovich Anything.... Live! with Charles Torre

3:00 PM: Talking Security. Mark Russinovich, Andy Malone and Special Guest with David Tesar

3:30 PM: Languages Panel. Eric Lippert, Luke Hoban and Mads Torgersen with Charles Torre

4:00 PM: PowerShell. Jeferey Snover, Don Jones and Sean Kearney with David Tesar

4:30 PM: This Week On Channel 9 (Live) with Adam Carter, Joey Snow, David Tesar, Charles Torre and Dan Fernandez


Published Date: June 04, 2010
Presented By: Adam Bomb




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