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P2V Migration for Software Assurance Beta with Jeremy Chapman


About This Video

Jeremy Chapman always has something cool to show me when I drop by his office, and this visit was no exception. Jeremy's been working on a little skunkworks project for a while now, and just recently released it as a beta download.
It takes a second to get your head around what he's doing, but let me try to explain it:

  1. You have a machine running Windows XP SP3, and it has apps that you can't migrate - maybe they aren't compatible with Windows 7, maybe you don't have the install media any more, maybe it's a custom configuration that isn't documented and can't be reproduced. For whatever reason, you need this XP install to stay available.
  2. In a completely unattended manner, This process will capture that machine as a virtual machine, then collect all your user data and settings.
  3. Continued unattended, Windows 7 is installed on the machine, your user data is migrated, Virtual PC 7 is installed, and your now virtual XP machine is configured on in VPC, and all the apps in the virtual machine are integrated into the start menu of your Windows 7 machine.

As Jeremy mentions, this is in beta and you can download it from today. It's an add-on for the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, which you can get at
Jeremy and I talk a little about when you would use this tool vs. just using XP Mode or MED-V to virtualize your apps, and he gives a walkthrough of the management console and shows us what the experience looks like on a machine.
This is pretty slick stuff, check it out!


Published Date: September 09, 2010
Presented By:  Adam Bomb