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Security Talk: Security considerations in Quest Software’s Windows Azure OnDemand solutions


About This Video

In this Security Talk interview, Dmitry Sotnikov (Director of Cloud Solutions) and Einar Mykletun (Security and Compliance Architect) from Quest Software discuss Quest’s new OnDemand product line – cloud-based IT management services to help IT professionals manage their on-premise Active Directory and server infrastructure. At 03:24: We talk about building the foundation of Quest the services on top of the Windows Azure platform, focusing specifically on security.

Quest is an early adopter of the Windows Azure platform. They’ve built out an extensive services framework as well as a few initial service offerings that sits on top of Windows Azure Framework and Windows Identity Framework.

At 06:00: Dmitry discusses integration with on-premises Quest STS to authenticate Quest customers and how this security infrastructure works to separate data of each users from potentially different organizations data within the Quest cloud offering. Einar and Dmitry explain how Containers with Azure Table and Blob storage are used to separate individual customer data and how Quest utilizes “gate-keeping” pattern to prevent Container access keys from ever leaving Quest software layer for added protection.

At 15:16: Dmitry shows us a demo of how Quest OnDemand Log Management can help further secure organization by proactively monitoring event logs generated within organizations for important and/or suspicious events.

At 18:49: Einar talks about Quest’s experience working with the Azure cloud offering, including analyzing and addressing customer concerns about data storage in Azure and Azure data centers.

Listen to the interview and then: Try Windows Azure for yourself a look at the Quest OnDemand Services


Published Date: September 11, 2010
Presented By: David Tesar