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SPLA Partners, Learn To Use The Ordering Portal To Provision FOPE


About This Video
If you're a service hosting reseller with an SPLA, watch this video to learn how to place orders and provision FOPE services for the companies you manage by using the Services Provider Licensing Agreement portal site. This video demostrates how to log in to the portal and how to start or change activation requests. It also shows how to find more help if you need to change seat count, switch customers to BPOS or move entire organizations. The TechNet Edge website features more videos about Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, so look for those too.

If you have questions about a service provider license agreement or you have pre-sales questions, contact the Online Services Partner Program. After you've been certfied by Microsoft, visit the SPLA portal site to get started.

Learn more about the Services Provider Licensing Agreement program on


Published Date: November 10, 2010
Presented By: John Andrilla