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Applying Microsoft SDL Release Practices within Windows Azure


About This Video

In this video, Jason Glassberg, Co-Founder, Casaba, speaks about the Release phase of the Microsoft SDL and how to apply the Microsoft SDL release phase practices to applications built on top of Windows Azure. Jason explains that the Microsoft SDL can apply to any cloud-based deployment, but focuses on Windows Azure, explaining that the steps are very similar to a typical on-premises application (File an Incident Response Plan, Perform a Final Security Review and Release Archive). In Azure, the importance of understanding of the platform is doubly-important in preparing an Incident Response Plan because rollback and stopping of deployment is vastly simpler than in on-premises or full-platform hosted deployment. Because Azure makes it so simple to deploy applications, Jason emphasizes the importance of reviewing the deployment and securing deployment-related artifacts such as management accounts, access to Service Management API and SSL certificates used by applications.


Published Date: January 18, 2011
Presented By: Jason Glassberg