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Collective Defense: Applying Public Health Models to the Internet


About This Video
This video reflects the concepts outlined by Scott Charney, Corporate VP of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, intended to help guide stakeholders efforts, promote action, address challenges, and influence future initiatives. Topics addressed include:

  • The risk that botnets present to Internet users and critical infrastructures must be addressed.
  • Collective defense can and should be used to help improve the security of consumer devices and protect against such cyber threats.
  • A public health model can empower consumers and improve Internet security.
  • Voluntary behavior and market forces are the preferred means to drive action but if these means fail, then governments should ensure these concepts are advanced.
  • Privacy concerns must be carefully considered in any effort to promote Internet security by focusing on device health.  In that regard, examining health is not the same as examining content; communicating health is not the same as communicating identity; and consumers can be protected in privacy-centric ways that do not adversely impact freedom of expression and freedom of association.


Published Date: February 09, 2011
Presented By: TwC




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)