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Blog: SBS 2011 Standard is available on all channels

Posted By:   David Tesar
Publish Date: 03/17/2011

Even in an economy that is in recovery there are millions of small and medium businesses worldwide that every day face challenges in controlling costs, optimizing cash flows and pursuing multiple opportunities to win new customers. Microsoft has always been committed to supporting those businesses with limited IT resources to help them maximize the value out of their IT investment.

To help our customers to achieve their business goals, today we are especially proud to announce that Windows Small Business Server 2011 (SBS) Standard and Premium Add-On   is now fully available on all channels from Volume Licensing to our largest OEM partners.

Windows SBS 2011 Standard is part of the latest edition of our SBS family of products, and is the “all-in-one” solution designed to address key customer needs by taking the benefits of an enterprise-class technology and making it accessible, affordable and less complex for small and midsized businesses.

With this latest edition we have completely refreshed SBS 2008 technologies to offer new, exciting features and technology solutions that we believe will help small and midsized businesses reduce costs, increase productivity and grow their business over the long term.

It is not by chance that early adopters like Lui Franciosi, Chief Operating Officer if Verona Pharma, say “Upgrading to Windows Small Business Server 2011 and using the new Outlook Web Access was so intuitive for our researchers that I didn’t receive any calls. Everyone just got on with their work.” Others are no less enthusiastic, Stan Bovetz, Owner and Principal of Frost Engineering Service Company says “Technology is like having a cup of coffee in the morning. We have to have it, but it’s got to be easy to use and simple to manage. Windows Small Business Server 2011 supports our business but never interrupts our work.”

To learn more about this product and how it can help our customers, please visit our website and discover why many analysts are so passionate about it. If you are interested in a trial version of the software, sign up here.

So what are you waiting for? Join the 40,000 people worldwide who have already done so and try Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard.