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CareerBytes for the Regular IT Guy - Virtualization and Private Cloud


About This Video
Following the success of Security Bulletins for the Regular IT Guy, I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding on the concept of frank and matter of fact talks on a variety of subjects that are relevant to Technical Professionals across the board. When I was in Seattle recently, I decided to get off my butt and actually record something that fits the bill. I completed some audio editing last night and produced the first episode of an ongoing new podcast that launches today.

Welcome to Career Bytes for the Regular IT Guy.

The Goal is to have short, “tell it like it is” conversations with a wide mix of people focusing on topics related to ways you can invest in your career. Sometimes they will be technology focused, other times they will focus on personal/professional development.

In this first episode – I talk with Jeff Woolsey, Group Program Manager on the Virtualization team in Redmond. I ask him about skills and resources for IT Professionals related to Virtualization and Private Clouds. Its an area all IT Professionals should be spending time investigating their options from ALL vendors and how they fit in their organization. It doesn’t matter if you manage a small server environment for multiple customers or if you work in a large organization with raised floor server datacenters or somewhere in between. Virtualization technologies, how to manage them and how to work in Mixed Virtualization environments efficiently is an essential skill every technical professional should have in their tool belt.

As this is a work in progress – I am eager to get your feedback and suggestions on topics and ways to make this better. Please pass on your comments (good and bad) directly to me –

Have a listen directly from the embedded Silverlight player OR subscribe to the feed and download it to your iTunes / Zune software.

Podcast Participants:

  • Rick Claus
  • Jeff Woolsey

Additional Technical Show Notes:

  • Download Hyper-V Server and get information about Server 2008 R2
  • Check out System Center Virtual Machine Manager resources and download a trial
  • Check out System Center Opalis, get more information and download a trial
  • Recorded at TechReady 12, an internal training conference for Microsoft Employees
  • It was in a corridor that happened to be near a service hallway. Please excuse the occasional background noise distraction
  • Recorded with my M-Audio Microtrack II


Published Date: March 04, 2011
Presented By: Rick Claus




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)