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Windows XP to Windows 7: Local P2V Migration using MDT 2010 and SysInternals Disk2VHD


About This Video
In this Screencast, we will demonstrate P2V Migration for Software Assurance. We will see in which scenarios we should use P2V Migration for SA for e.g. when customers is not having binaries for the custom application, when customer cannot migrate application to the newer platform. We will see some of the tools used for creating this complete Windows XP to Windows 7 P2V Migration process using tools like MDT 2010, Sysinternals Disk2VHD, Windows Virtual PC & More.


Understand Local P2V Migration & Benefit
Create P2V Migration Task Sequence with MDT 2010
Customize an existing task sequence for P2V Migration
Run the P2V Migration Task Sequence

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Published Date: May 12, 2011
Presented By: Aviraj Ajgekar



Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)