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Introduction to Opalis and a Sneak Peek at System Center Orchestrator


About This Video

Recording from the Best of MMS Event in Belgium on June 15, 2011.


Get a sneak peak preview of System Center Orchestrator and see what Opalis can do in your environment today.
By combining the power of the system center suite, we will demonstrate an entire workflow automated through Opalis. This will provide the attendees a view of the Opalis solution and how to implement runbook solutions with or without other System Center Products.


David De Backer joined Microsoft in April 2006 and works now as a Technology Advisor specialized in Systems Management as well as in Client and Server operating systems. He is helping customers improve their core infrastructure efficiency, effectively helping them move forward in the Infrastructure Optimization Model. His job involves both customer meetings as well as presentation in public events. Both roles help him demystify the broad range of products present in the Microsoft infrastructure portfolio.

Download the slides.


Published Date: June 27, 2011
Presented By: Anthony de Bruyn




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)