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So Long, and Thanks...

Posted By: Adam Carter
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5 years ago this month, I joined DPE as the first corp based IT Pro Evangelist. That was after 5 years as a Technology Specialist, and 4.5 years in MCS as a consultant.

As has been my traditional then, it's time to make another move. Effective Monday, I'm joining the Windows Server team as a Technical Product Manager, focusing on VDI. I'll be creating content and demos that gets used by myself and others to show off what a great VDI solution we have with products like Hyper-V and RemoteFX. It's a great team of guys I have a lot of respect for - many that I've known for years and have interviewed on Edge - so I jumped at the chance to join them.

The technology is a great fit for me, too. A lot of my consulting and sales career was focused on managing and centralizing desktops - starting all the way back to Citrix Winframe, and I worked with the team that shipped NT 4 Terminal Server Edition - you might still be able to find whitepapers and utilities that I authored way back then.

I got to do a bunch of really cool stuff here in DPE: launching the IT Pro Momentum program, and traveling around the world to talk to customers about their experiences. Launching TechNet Edge, and watching it grow and evolve.

And meeting tons and tons of cool people, both inside and outside of Microsoft, that are passionate about technology and doing really, really cool stuff with it.

Thanks to Neil Hutson, who hired me, and then Volker, who has managed me the bulk of my time as an Evangelist - they both gave me a long leash to go and try new stuff. Sometimes my ideas worked, sometimes they didn't, but they never told me not to do something. Well, maybe they did, but I did stuff anyway, and they didn't fire me for it.

They're hiring someone to replace me - if you're passionate about Windows and Office 365, and you're an awesome presenter with some fresh ideas about how to get people excited about these technologies, you should throw your hat in the ring. With one caveat - Evangelism is such a cool job, you won't want to leave. Here it is:

I'm still planning on attending as many conferences as I can - you'll probably find me at the Windows Server booth, instead of the Edge stage, when I'm not presenting sessions.

My favorite part of my job has always been talking with the people that are using IT, and I don't plan stopping that - come say hi if you see me at a conference, or drop me a note on Twitter ( @adambomb00) - I still want to hear from you!