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New World of Datacenter: Managing your IAAS Private Cloud with System Center


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The move to private clouds is part of the evolution of the data center, from a basic warehouse of information to a smarter, more agile delivery of services. Data centers started out as self-contained entities and grew into something complex as you added server after server after server. Virtualization has consolidated the physical server layer, helping companies save on real estate, power and cooling costs. But it creates a new challenge : managing all of the physical and virtual servers. It has become harder to manage what you cannot physically reach out and touch. To help you manage that infrastructure we need to move to the New world of Datacenter and we will explain what it takes to do that.

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Speaker: Kenny Buntinx

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Published Date: December 06, 2011
Presented By: Anthony de Bruyn



Video:WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)