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Bytes by TechNet - Jeremy Moskowitz and Matt Hester


About This Video

Matt Hester speaks with Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP. They covered how IT Professionals start with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, why they need to know about Group Policy and what is new with Group Policy in Windows 7. Jeremy also highlighted some tips for his IT Pro peers related to some components of Group Policy including the Central Store.

About Jeremy

Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP, is the Chief Propeller-Head for, a community forum to get tough Group Policy questions answered. was ranked as the third-most overall useful website by readers of Windows IT Pro magazine. Jeremy has authored the popular Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security and the Managed Desktop (Sybex). Jeremy frequently contributes to Windows IT Pro Magazine, and Microsoft TechNet Online. Jeremy teaches Group Policy intensive training and workshop classes all over the world. Learn more at

About Matt

Being an IT Pro means working with computers right where the magic begins, says Matt. He loves reaching out to users and customers in the local community and gets a thrill from installing a server that can send email or provide other valuable services. Matt is a seasoned TechNet presenter, an Exchange Server insider and he worked as an MCT for over eight years before joining Microsoft. A movie buff with a massive DVD collection, he also runs marathons and dreams of being a pro football player or joining the PGA tour. Matt cites his father as his role model: "The older I get, the smarter he gets." Funny how that works. Matt's Blog:

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Published Date: July 05, 2010
Presented By:  Matt Hester




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)