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How Do I: AD RMS with AD FS Identity Federation: Verifying AD RMS and AD FS Functionality?


About This Video

By integrating AD RMS and AD FS you can provide access to protected content to users outside your organization without having to establish a separate Active Directory trust or AD RMS infrastructure. This video is the third installment in a three part series which shows you how to configure AD FS to work with AD RMS.

This video covers Step 5: Verifying AD RMS Functionality from the AD RMS with AD FS Identity Federation Step-by-Step Guide.

For more information on configuring AD FS with AD RMS see the subsequent videos in the series: Installing and Configuring AD FS and Configuring AD RMS to Work with AD FS.


Published Date: March 09, 2010




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)