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What´s Up With Windows Server 2008


About This Video

Microsoft released the new desktop, Windows Vista, in November 2006... but that's just the start. A new version of Server's right on its heels -- formerly code-named "Longhorn Server". Windows Server 2008 will pack a ton of new stuff, from some really good news in Active Directory to some nifty new deployment tools, a quarantine system that'll help you keep the worm-ridden systems off of your network, a revamped Web server, and a few truly long-awaited changes in group policy. How to find out about all of this? Well, you could download a few terabytes' worth of white papers and start sifting through them to separate the wheat from the chaff, or you could attend this short talk by Mark Minasi, the guy who's been explaining new operating systems since Windows 1.0. Come to this talk and find out why Server Core may be your favorite new piece of software!


Published Date: April 10, 2008
Presented By: Mark Minasi




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