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Bytes by TechNet - Patrick Butler Monterde and Chris Henley


About This Video
Don’t miss this fascinating interview with Chris and Patrick Butler Monterde, Sr. Consultant at Microsoft, as they discuss Martian landscapes, mortgages, drug studies and pizza. Learn how NASA is outsourcing workloads for free, and why Domino’s is avoiding data center meltdowns on Super Bowl Sunday, by leveraging Windows Azure. Patrick and Chris cover many possible applications for a Windows Azure platform, and compute time opportunities that extend way beyond NASA and the financial services industry. A must see!

About Chris

Chris is passionate about learning, sharing his knowledge, and best of all, he's extremely passionate about technology. He loves showing people how new tools and products can improve their businesses and especially, their lives. Chris has delivered thousands of live presentations and gave the keynote speech at the NPA Awards during Interop 2005. He's also active in the community, and is currently developing a television series to highlight great work in the not-for-profit sector. Chris has a diverse roster of role models, including George Washington, Steve Ballmer, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Victor Frankl. His other loves? Entomology, fly-fishing, "building things" and dessert. Chris claims he's on a lifelong quest to find the best steak and chocolate cake on Earth: "The only time I ever said 'no' to dessert was when I didn't understand the question." Chris's Blog:

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Published Date: August 23, 2010
Presented By: Chris Henley



Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)