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Bytes by TechNet - Scott Hanselman and Matt Hester


About This Video

Are IT Pros and Developers truly like oil and water? Not according to Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager and Matt Hester, Senior IT Evangelist, both from Microsoft. They discuss how the line between IT and development can get blurred. Both Matt and Scott share examples of how fellow IT Pros incorporate development into their scope and vice versa. If you've ever debated the relationship between IT Professionals and Developers, this is a great eye-opening interview to listen in on.

About Scott

Scott Hanselman works for Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager, aiming to spread good information about developing software, usually on the Microsoft stack. Before this Scott was the Chief Architect at Corillian Corporation, now a part of Checkfree, for 6+ years. He was also involved in a few Microsoft Developer things for many years like the MVP and RD programs and will speak about computers (and other passions) whenever someone will listen.

About Matt

Keith Combs

Matt Hester is a seasoned Information Technology Professional Evangelist for Microsoft. Matt has been involved in the IT Pro community for over 15 years. Matt is a skilled and experienced evangelist presenting to audiences nationally and internationally. Prior to joining Microsoft, Matt was a highly successful Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 8 years. After joining Microsoft, Matt has continued to be heavily involved in IT Pro community as an IT Pro Evangelist. In his role at Microsoft, Matt has presented to audiences in excess of 5000 and as small as 10. Matt has written 4 articles for TechNet magazine. In addition, Matt has published 2 books:

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Published Date: June 15, 2011
Presented By: Matt Hester



Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)