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Bytes by TechNet - Aaron Margosis and Matt Hester


About This Video

Join Matt Hester and Aaron Margosis, Principal Consultant at Microsoft, as they discuss Windows Sysinternals tools. Aaron currently works with US Federal government customers on Windows, security, and getting apps to run on the latest Microsoft platforms. Aaron shares the top 3 tools he recommends for IT Pros: Process Explorer, which is like Task Manager but much more powerful, Process Monitor, a debugging tool and Autoruns, which shows programs that are configured to run automatically. As an IT Pro, you don’t want to miss this interview!

About Aaron

Aaron Margosis is a Windows nerd, focusing a lot on security, running with least privilege, and the application compatibility impacts of doing so. He has published a number of useful tools over the years, including MakeMeAdmin, LUA Buglight, IE Zone Analyzer, and the Local Group Policy utilities on the Microsoft FDCC/USGCB blog. He delivers training around application compatibility to customers and at conferences with an emphasis on government-mandated locked-down environments. Aaron joined Microsoft Services in 1999, where he works primarily with US government customers. Aaron can be bribed with Sambuca.

About Matt

Matt Hester is a seasoned Information Technology Professional Evangelist for Microsoft. Matt has been involved in the IT Pro community for over 15 years. Matt is a skilled and experienced evangelist presenting to audiences nationally and internationally. Prior to joining Microsoft Matt was a highly successful Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 8 years. After joining Microsoft, Matt has continued to be heavily involved in IT Pro community as an IT Pro Evangelist. In his role at Microsoft Matt has presented to audiences in excess of 5000 and as small as 10. Matt has also written 4 articles for TechNet magazine and Matt was also recently published, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration Instant Reference by Sybex, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration Instant Reference

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Published Date: October 19, 2011
Presented By: Matt Hester



Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)