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Bytes by TechNet - David Pallman and Chris Henley


About This Video

Join Chris Henley, Sr. IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft, and David Pallmann, GM of Custom App Development at Neudesic, as they discuss Windows Azure. David is a Windows Azure MVP, author and leads the Windows Azure Practice at Neudesic, helping customers get onto the cloud. David talks about some of the advantages of Azure, a large one being the reduction in IT costs. He encourages IT Professionals to get out in front of this technology and embrace the opportunity ahead as this is the direction most companies will be moving toward. He also discusses his 4 volume Windows Azure Handbook series, which covers the full lifecycle of Azure for all audiences. Tune in for some really great tips you won’t want to miss!

About David

David Pallmann is the GM of App Dev for Neudesic, a national Microsoft SI partner, where he leads Windows Azure technical readiness, IP development, and business development. David has 3 decades of experience in software development. Prior to Neudesic he worked at Microsoft on the WCF product team, and has served in CTO roles at a variety of pubilc and private companies. David has written 4 technical books including The Windows Azure Handbook, Volume 1 of which was recently released. He resides in Southern California.

About Chris

Chris is a fun and energetic representative of Microsoft. He has extensive experience in the world of computer networks. He is passionate about the way that technology helps people. He has an entertaining and insightful style of communicating technical information and of making difficult concepts easy to understand. He is an expert in server architecture and network design. He loves to push the envelope of what we think about computers, and what software can do. Chris spends his spare time playing XBOX360 with his wife and kids, fly fishing, camping, hiking, and searching for the best chocolate cake on planet earth.

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Published Date: November 09, 2011
Presented By: Chris Henley



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