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Microsoft Virtual Academy: (Module 2) Datacenter and Private Cloud Management - Monitor and Operate Service Delivery & Automation


About This Video

This video is part of the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), The MVA is a free program delivering structured learning paths for IT Professionals on various Microsoft products and solutions.

This module builds on the previous module, and further explains the advanced monitoring and operating functionality of two key System Center components, Orchestrator and Service Manager. This will show how IT Pros will gain end-to-end visibility into the automated processes that make their private clouds.

Further, to ensure accurate and timely responses to end-user service requests, we will review System Center’s new service level agreement functionality. This provides the IT Pro with expedited methods to challenging operational issues such as release, incident and change management. Part of this module will be dedicated to new reporting functionality that allows the IT Pro to maintain a consistent window into the private cloud using System Center’s business intelligence and dashboard capability.

After watching this video, visit:, enroll in this course and take the self-assessment. For every module you take and every self-assessment you complete, you will be awarded points. These points build up to levels and the higher the level you achieve, the more opportunities you have to participate in MVA offers.


Published Date: January 17, 2012
Presented By: Microsoft Virtual Academy



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