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Performance and Scalability Improvements in SQL Server 2012 Engine


About This Video

Lubor Kollar is a member of SQL Server development group since the 6.5 release in 1996. As a Program Manager he was responsible for development of Relational Engine. Among many features he was working on the first version of Failover Clustering, Query Parallelism taking advantage of multi – CPU and later multi-core machines, outlined needs for Resource Governor long time before it became a fact and he was a PM for Table and Index partitioning in SQL Server 2005 when he briefly took over of GPM-ing the whole engine. In 2010 Lubor joined SQL Azure team where he built a new team of program managers and developers supporting deployment of selected applications on Azure platform. Later the same year he completed the “loop” and joined back the core engine development team leading team of Program Managers responsible for Query Optimization, Query Execution, Data Warehousing and Scale-Out.

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Published Date: January 16, 2012
Presented By: Lubor Kollar




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