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Take the Spaghetti out of Windows Azure – an insight for IT Pro Techies Part 2


About This Video

By now you will have heard of Microsoft Windows Azure and probably been lost in a plethora of terminology: app fabric, service control bus, worker roles, virtual machine roles, access control service, compute, REST APIs, SQL Azure... The list goes on and on - doesn't it just make your head hurt?

Come to these two sessions and understand what Windows Azure is, what can be done with it and what role you can take as an ITPro Techie. In Part 1 you will gain a thorough understanding of the components of Azure and how they are used to build Cloud services. Part 2 will continue with this theme and you will also learn how you can integrate on-premise and Cloud servers. Discover how to create systems that leverage the best of both worlds.


Published Date: February 20, 2012
Presented By: John Craddock




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