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Private Cloud Day Session 5: A Solution for Private Cloud Security


About This Video

Private cloud represents a new way of architecting the datacenter so that you can provide services faster, cheaper and better than ever before. However, private cloud also introduces new challenges to security professionals. While all of the security issues you face in the traditional datacenter need to be addressed in the private cloud, the private cloud will introduce new security considerations. Issues of security responsibility and assignment, target layers, the multi-tenant model, virtualization and attacker profiles all are critical considerations in private cloud. In addition, the central elements of cloud computing - broad network access, resource pooling, on-demand self service and rapid elasticity all introduce new security issues. In this talk Dr. Tom Shinder will discusses these considerations and how to address them when working with security functionality, infrastructure security, platform security, software security, service delivery security management security, client security and legal and compliance issues. This presentation addresses private cloud security from an architectural perspective so that you can bake security into your private cloud design.


Published Date: February 20, 2012
Presented By: Tom Shinder




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