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What’s in Windows Server 8 for the ITPro – a demo tour


About This Video

Wondering how you can get a quick and comprehensive look at the new technologies in Windows Server 8 for the ITPro? In this session you will see nothing but demos, demos and more demos. We’ll take a look at what’s new, how it works, and how you would use it. There’s too much to cover everything in just one session, so we’ll be focusing on the big areas. Hyper-V, High-Availability and Clustering, PowerShell and Server Management as well as some other surprises. Things you will see include how to move from server-core to a full server in a single command, how to perform shared-nothing live migration, and how to reclaim up to 95% of your VHD storage space.


Published Date: March 05, 2012
Presented By: Corey Hynes




Video: WMV (ZIP) (no longer available)