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SQL Server 2012 and Big Data


About This Video

SQL Server 2012 will include big data processing capabilities based on Apache Hadoop, Interest in Hadoop is driven primarily by the need to handle large volumes of loosely or inconsistently structured data such as social network feeds, Web logs, email, documents, and other text-centric information. These data types can be used for applications such as customer sentiment analysis, but they cannot be effectively managed in a relational database such as SQL Server. Microsoft will give customers several ways to exploit data from Hadoop. Available immediately will be final versions of previously announced Hadoop Connectors for SQL Server and the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse. In these session we will see what hadoop is, what it is not and how with these connectors it will enable us to pass large volumes of data between SQL and Hadoop, so that the results of big-data processing jobs on Hadoop can be analyzed with our familiar SQL analysis tools.

Speaker: Karel Coenye


Published Date: March 08, 2012
Presented By: Karel Coenye




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