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Windows Server 2012 Storage Evolved For Hyper-V


About This Video

Windows Server 2012 is a very storage centric version. This session covers the changes, improvements and additions to Windows Server 2012 storage capabilities and their impact on Hyper-V.

We talk about the enhancements with the new virtual disk format (VHDX), offloaded data transfer (ODX), TRIM/UNMAP, large sector disks and the new storage options for Hyper-V including Storage Spaces, ReFS, Bitlocker, CSV 2.0, NTFS online scan/repair and SMB 3.0 file storage and what the latter means for Live Migration & Storage Options for Hyper-V.

Download the Slides.

Download Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate.


Published Date: June 25, 2012
Presented By: Didier Van Hoye




Video: WMV (ZIP)