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ScreenCast: Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 part 2: Activities and Webslices!


About This Video

Activities allow you to avoid having to open several browsers to possible get to information you need.  I like to think of them as "create your own URL".  So how does it work, by simply selecting text you then get a "smart tag" style icon that allows to take action within context of the selected text.  For example if you select an address one of your choices will be able to use a map.  Activities are add-ins that do have to be installed for a list of activities that already exist take a look here: Add Activity Providers to Internet Explorer 8 

Webslices are probably one of my favorite features inside of IE 8 and the first time I saw them in action, I was wowed.  Webslices allow you to subscribe to content directly within a web page.  Now the web pages do have to be coded on the web site to make this happen, to get started with this take a look here:
How do I make my site 'light up' with Internet Explorer 8 webslices 

To view part 1 click here:  Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 part 1: Interop Goodies 

Also if your looking to download beta take a look here:

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Published Date: May 01, 2008
Presented By: Matt Hester




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