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System Center Opalis: Process Automation for the Enterprise


About This Video

Jeff Wettlaufer, sr. technical product manager, connects again with Brad Anderson, CVP of Microsoft's Management & Security Division, to discuss the benefits of Opalis, one of the latest additions to to the System Center family of products and solutions.

They begin by covering the concept of "run book automation," which entails automating the various processes (or workflows) and tasks in the datacenter that have often been managed and recorded by hand and maintained as a part of tribal knowledge. Opalis, they go on to describe, offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for managing events and processes of all sorts in a repeatable, predictable fashion.

Halfway through, they break for a demo of the Opalis solution, and then return to discuss its "integration packs," which are used to run processes and tasks for a wide variety of application infrastructures.

Find out more about Opalis and get the trial download. Or, if you participate in either one of the System Center server managment licensing suites, whether datacenter or enterprise, you can have immediate access to the download bits for the full product.

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Published Date: July 01, 2010
Presented By: Dave Morehouse



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