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WorldWide Telescope - video demo and information


About This Video

Early this morning I downloaded the new WorldWide Telescope application from Microsoft Research.  After exploring the galaxies, I decided this would be a cool screencast to demo the application for those of you that might not otherwise download, install and begin exploring.  Your children are going to love this.  Heck, you might have some fun, too!!!

The screencast is 5 minutes and was recorded at 1280x720.  You should really see the application on my monitor at 1920x1200.  Breathtaking is such an understatement.  You’ll notice when watching the video that the panning isn’t very fluid and that is because I captured at 15 frames per second which is a low FPS for motion.  You’ll also notice I am not capturing the audio of the application.  That’s ok, it’ll just be an extra incentive to go check things out for yourself.  So here’s a quick demo.  Be sure to double click the Silverlight control to go full screen.

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Published Date: May 15, 2008
Presented By: Keith Combs




Video: WMV | MP4